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1P+N Type A 100mA & 500mA

Clem > 1P+N Type A 100mA & 500mA

Residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection
1P+N Type A 100mA & 500mA

differenziale magnetotermico 1P+N
RCBOs 1P+N GO range provide a full protection to both the persons and the electrical appliances, as they are designed to automatically cutoff the power supply in case of overload, short-circuit and earth leakage.
Type A RCBOs grant protection in presence of fault currents of both sinusoidal alternate and pulsating type. They are therefore recommended to protect single-phase installations supplying electric apparatus with electronic rectifiers or electronic circuits regulating the current wave. RCBOs’ functioning is independent from line voltage and its mechanism is trip-free, that is the RCBOs can also trip when the lever is held in ON position.
All RCBOs are equipped with a visual indicator which discriminates residual current tripping (blue) from overload tripping (transparent).
All products can be power supplied from both the top and the bottom terminals. Furthermore “cage” type terminals facilitate connection both through conductors (up to 35mm² rigid and 25mm² flexible) and through busbars (both pin or fork types).
In addition to B and C characteristic , RCBOs can also be supplied in D curve upon request.

All the above listed codes are available upon request also in D curve

All the above listed codes are available upon request also in D curve

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