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4P Type B 300mA

Residual current circuit breakers without overcurrent protection
4P Type B 300mA

RCD type B

RCCBs type B grant protection to persons and machineries in presence of DC current and high frequency AC fault current. Among the several types of RCBOs, type B provide the upmost level of protection.
Some applications’ examples are: protection of elevators, escalators, welding machines, electro-medicals’ instrumentation, ventilation systems, PV systems, EV vehicles charging stations.
For more information about technical characteristics, applications and Standard references concerning type B RCCBs, please click here:

Technical Information

RCCBs 4P type B are suitable to detect earth faults’ currents. In case the installations requires also protection from eventual overload and short-circuits, the RCCBs must be installed in series with MCBs or with fuses.
RCCBs’ mechanism is trip-free, that is the RCCBs can also trip when the lever is held in ON position.
All RCCBs are equipped with a green led signaling that the voltage is sufficient for product’s functioning as type B.
All products must be power supplied from the power side. Furthermore “cage” type terminals facilitate connection both through conductors (up to 35 mm² rigid and 25mm² flexible) and through busbars (both pin or fork types).

Technical information